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postheadericon Women Treat Menopause with Herbal Supplements

Every woman will experience menopause and its hormonal effects, which are generally treated with prescription medicine. Although menopause can be effectively treated by medication, some women are concerned about the long-term effects that drug use may have on their bodies. As a result, many women are looking into herbal supplements as an alternative method to treating the side effects of menopause.

 A new study has examined more natural approachesto treat menopausal symptoms. Dr. TaulantMuka, a researcher at Erasmus University Medical Center, tested plant-based supplements on a group of women with menopause. He measured the effects thatherbal alternatives had on menopause side effects like, hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Not only are these symptoms uncomfortable, they can also lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease.  Also medications used to treat menopause effects, such as patches, pills, and gels, have been linked to an increased risk of breast and uterine cancer.

Dr. Muka’sstudy involved over 6,000 women, each utilizingtraditional, Chinese,or natural medicines like ginseng, soy, and black cohosh. While night sweats continued, the plant estrogens effectively treated hot flashes and vaginal dryness by an average of 1.31 per day. However, this average is less than what the FDA requires for the treatment of hot flashes (the requirement of two per day).

Doctors recommend women use caution when taking natural and prescription menopause treatments, as therecould be long-term side effects. Right now, over 50% of women are taking herbal remedies to treat menopause. Before taking prescription or natural remedies, women should consult a doctor to discuss the best course of action for their specific body.

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