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Do you take vitamins? What about supplements for your overall health? Have you done your homework (aka research) on these topics to be thoroughly informed on their risks and benefits? It is highly recommended that you go ahead and do that as soon as possible. If you can, read up on the vitamin, supplement, or other substance you are considering taking and then go the extra step and talk to your doctor about the possibility. Your doctor will be able to factor this into your overall health and also warn you should there be any possible bad combinations with other prescriptions or medications that you are currently taking. Thinking these things over is for the best interest of yourself and overall health.

Now that we have talked about you, a person, let’s continue the conversation and thought train with this should it be your animal or pet that needs some attention. Have you thought about this? Sure if we were talking about a person then maybe things would be different. Maybe you would have already researched the drug or the prescription, but for your pet you may want to read up on the medication as well. Why not, right? Do you know what the possible side effects are? Do you know what could happen should your pet take this? Please read the directions and the full label when your vet prescribes a medication or a cream or something for your animal. Do the same thing with regard to vitamins and supplements for your pet(s). Did you know that there is blue green algae for horses that has absolutely wonderful and desirable benefits? Read up and do your homework on that one. Your horses will be thriving when combined with a well balanced diet and overall healthy lifestyle. When you know how to really take care of your pets, they are bound to live a long and happy life. Whether you have horses, dogs, cats, farm animals, or exotic pets, please inform yourself and educate your other family members on the importance of the pet and how to care for them when they are an appropriate age. If you have young children do take into consideration their comprehension level and level of ability to help. It is a beautiful thing when you are taking care of the family pets as a family.