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postheadericon Benefits of using pure e-Liquid

What is an E-liquid and what are its ingredients? E-liquid vaporizes nicotine just like the smoke from a regular cigarette. Hence, instead of the harmful ingredients of a cigarette, an E-cigarette uses liquid nicotine and that makes it less harmful. An eliquid has four basic ingredients.

  1. Propylene Glycol: Also referred as PG, it forms the base and carrier for nicotine. It is found in many food items and even medicines.
  2. Vegetable Glycerin: Referred as VG, is derived from plant based substances, sometimes from coconut or palm oil. It is similar to glycerin found in cosmetics and helps to produce vapor when you exhale.
  3. Flavors: Food flavors are added to nicotine for a specific taste.
  4. Nicotine: This is basically derived from tobacco itself and can be produced synthetically also. It is offered in different doses from 0mg to 24 mg in an e-liquid.

Benefits of Pure E-juice:

Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are considered “safe for human consumption” however PG is most chemical compared to VG. Hence, you must check the ingredients and their purity. That being one reason, many people prefer eliquid with a high concentration of VG that gives more vapor than PG. Some may also experience some allergies due to PG.

VG is derived from plant substances and so, it is more organic and pure.100% VG e-liquids will be naturally sweet and no need to add any sweeteners. On the other hand, on using a PG based e-liquid, sweetener is required.VG is also non-toxic.

PG which is used for a throat hitbut that doesn’t last for a long time. Hence, it can be replaced with VG that can be slowly inhaled to give the same feel. And upon usage you will definitely see a huge difference. The vapor from 100% VG is thick and gives full flavor that lasts for a longer time.

Hence, people who have breathing problems, allergies and asthma, should prefer 100% VG e-liquids because this does not have any reactions and later if required, the concentration can be reduced slowly once you get the feel of getting used to an e-liquid.