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postheadericon Improving Neighborhood Wellness Through Healthy Activity

The bowling alley was crowded; all the lanes were taken by a league that evening.  Casual customers sat watching league teams play.  Folks usually home tending gardens were there wearing team shirts and chatting while waiting their turns.  Many wore t-shirts with the logos of their favorite college or professional teams.  They’d obtained these from, where one could get apparel and other items for nearly every major sport and team.  Purchased using a Groupon promo code, some bowling team members wore their favorite team t-shirts almost as proudly as they wore their unique league membership league shirts.


The league was created by the residents of the community.  It began modestly enough; one day a couple went bowling rather than going to the poor selection of summer movies.  When they got to the lanes they met neighbors who’d come there to enjoy the air conditioning and atmosphere at the bowling alley.  They were invited to join them and this turned into a routine of regular weekly meetings at the bowling alley.  Soon others joined them using adjacent lanes.  During a homeowners association meeting a few months later someone suggested that the development field a team in one of the area’s established bowling leagues.  While folks liked the idea, some felt it wouldn’t encourage those who weren’t serious practiced bowlers to participate.  They suggested having the residents establish their own league for all interested as a better way to encourage exercise and interaction.


Few people took the idea seriously, yet a month later more than 60 names had signed up as persons “interested in joining” if a league was set up.  The next month more than 40 of those 60 names agreed to pay for league membership.  The originators of the idea negotiated with alley management to get a regularly scheduled night for league meets; meanwhile the new league members sorted into individual teams of four each.  Ten teams represented different blocks in the neighborhood.  Each selected a name, a symbol or emoji, and captain.  They agreed on a design for a league shirt with individual team names and logos, member names and symbols.  The organizers ordered the shirts and purchased them with a Groupon promo code.  They were distributed to the teams at their first match game.  That was how the Master Keglers Association league was founded.  It has since become one of the popular bowling leagues in town.