postheadericon The Ortho K contacts can be the perfect option to rectify eyesight

It is perfectly possible that your profession or occupation can discourage the use of spectacles or contact lenses. Sportspersons especially find it difficult to use the spectacles when they perform on the field. At the same time there are chances of the contact lens falling off or getting contaminated during the event thereby causing extreme discomfort and affecting his or her performance in the field. Is there a solution to this problem? In fact, there is one in these modern times. The name of the solution is Orthokeratology.

The common eye ailments such as short sightedness and long sightedness occur because of the change in the shape of the eyeball. The eyeball either elongates horizontally or vertically whereby the images of the objects fall either in front of or behind the retina. This can cause you to adopt corrective measures such as spectacles or contact lenses. This entails that you wear these contraptions to enable you to view properly.

The problem with contact lenses is that you cannot wear them during the night while you sleep. They can cause deep irritation to the eye and thus affect them. Hence, people remove the same while they go to sleep. Hence, it becomes difficult to see things properly in the morning. This requires a different type of correction. The ortho k contacts can offer the proper solution.

The Ortho K is a special kind of contact lens that you have to wear in the night. You can wear the same even while you sleep. This contraption molds the shape of the surface of the eye it comes in contact with. By reshaping the eye surface, it enables the person to see properly during the day the moment he wakes up in the morning. The effect of the reshaping can last for up to 72 hours. Hence, this can be a great solution for people who wish to dispense with the glasses during the day. This can be great for many professions, especially the sportspersons.

The best part of these contact lenses is that it is a reversible process. Once you stop using them, the eyes return to their normal shape. Hence, you have to keep using them at all times. They work under s typical principle. Research shows that the epithelial cells adjust their growing capacity according to the presence of a foreign material.

The advancements in technology allow you to experiment with such innovations. Hence, when they advertise that you can rectify your eye problems without the use of glasses or corrective surgery, they are right in a way.

However, one should see to it that they contact the qualified optometrist. You have one in Hansen Optometry. The Ortho K is the best kind of treatment for children because it can influence the reshaping of the eyeball completely. In children, it can take effect faster in children in comparison to adults.

Sportspersons are the best people to benefit using these specialized contact lenses. The use of the lens can gradually reduce the use of regular contact lens.

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